“We are part of the greatest Love Story, Jesus and His bride! “

Linda Fourie

Hey, I am Linda Fourie, an author, pastor, mother, pioneer and wife!

And welcome to my creative space!

I am based in Hermanus, South Africa and it is such a privilege to live here. I am married to a wonderful man, Stoffel. Every day that I look at him, I am so thankful for him in my life. We are the proud parents of David and Carla. We are also fur parents to Rebecca, the Ragdoll cat, and Charlie, the Chocolate Labrador. We are also the proud founders of a “family” across Africa with the base in Hermanus, Heaven and Earth Churches.

In the beginning of 2022, while studying in America, The Lord gave a scripture that became a mandate for our lives :

Wise people are builders — they build families, businesses, communities. And through intelligence and insight their enterprises are established and endure.
Proverbs 24: 3 TPT